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Vegeta All-Purpose Seasoning

Your family will savour the flavour even more than usual!

Vegeta All-Purpose Seasoning
With Vegeta every meal tastes better!

Podravka in numbers

  • 1000+ products
  • 70 years of existence
  • 50+ markets

We know that food enters the heart of every culture. We are therefore eager to introduce local flavors into our products. In addition to its high quality, our products enjoy their distinctive taste, which is carefully prepared to complement the flavors and tastes of the local favorites, thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy them always.


  • Environment


    Promoting application of norms of socially responsible behavious and alignment of the economy with the development goals of the community and preserving the environment for future generations.

    In its business Podravka operates on the principles of preserving, protection and advancement the quality of the environment in which it creates new economic, environmental and social values for its stakeholders.

  • Consumers


    Podravka is basically oriented towards the production of high quality and sanitary valid products based on good production practice and the principles of quality and food safety management.



Research and development activities are the pillars of our company's development. They contain the values of prof. Bartl and her teams - passion, creativity, innovativity, excellence, trust and consumer health.


Podravka Gulf FZE

Address: JAFZA ONE, office BB 1209

Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE



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