About Podravka

We believe that consumer trust is our biggest success. That’s why we’ve been building on it for centuries - it forms the foundation for everything we do. It’s this trust that has enabled us to become one of Europe’s leading food brands.

More than 40 markets...

We’re proud and honoured to be one of the leading companies in Europe and worldwide. Millions of people rely on our brands and appreciate the superior taste of our products in over 40 countries across all five continents.


With timely, transparent and continuous reporting on business related matters, we provide quick and easy access to information that is interesting to the financial community.


Having our own Research and development department is an organizational tradition of Podravka and its competitive advantage.


Podravka is the winner of numerous domestic and international awards earned in the categories of economy; environment and social impact; occupational safety; design and Internet presentation.


Advancing the application of norms of socially responsible business and compliance of the economy with society's developmental goals and preserving the environment for the future generations.