Podravka is the winner of numerous domestic and international awards earned in the categories of economy; environment and social impact; occupational safety; design and Internet presentation.

The awards we win are the result of our investments in production, safety and consumer satisfaction – they confirm our desire to be the best.
All awards show the strong position of our high-quality products in Europe and across the world. They motivate us to strive for success in all future plans and achievements.
We’re proud of the awards and accolades given to us by dedicated experts, but our real achievements are the result of decades of trust and consumer satisfaction with our products.


Superior Taste Award


Superior Taste Award
PRODEXPO 2016 - Russia
Superbrands - Czech republic
Pečat bonity - Slovak republic
  • Podravka International s.r.o.
    Podravka International s.r.o.


Superior Taste Award
World Food 2015 - Russia
  • Bronze Croatia Effie award, category food
  • Mixx award, in the category "Website" for corporate web site
  • Masterweb award, category "Best corporate web site 2015" for
  • Masterweb award, category "Best corporate web site 2015" for
  • Golden plaque of the Croatian diplomacy for Podravka's special contribution to promotion of excellence of Croatian economy in the word


Best Buy Award - 2014/2015
  • Jams (Croatia)
    Jams (Croatia)
  • Compotes (International)
    Compotes (International)
  • Soups (Croatia)
    Soups (Croatia)
  • Salted snack sticks (Croatia)
    Salted snack sticks (Croatia)
  • Baking powder (Croatia)
    Baking powder (Croatia)

Vanila sugar (Croatia), Powder pudinng (B&H), Mustard (Croatia), Canned vegetables (Croatia)

Superior Taste Award
  • Lemon and lime tea
    Lemon and lime tea
  • Plum tea
    Plum tea
  • Beef stock
    Beef stock
  • Vegetable stock
    Vegetable stock
  • Chicken stock
    Chicken stock
  • Garlic marinade
    Garlic marinade
  • Beef goulash
    Beef goulash

Mixx rewards, in the category "Direct Response and Lead Generation" for mini web site "Fun in your plate"

Cropak 2014 and Cropak in category: Croatian product packaging for Rich Podravka soups.


QUDAL, 2013- Organized by: ICERTIAS - International Certification Association
  • Gold medal in main category
    Gold medal in main category
  • Vegeta
  • Marmalades - Jam
    Marmalades - Jam
  • Sweet spread
    Sweet spread
  • Packet soups
    Packet soups

canned vegetables, canned fruit, sauces, mustard, cake mix, flour and canned fish.

Superior Taste Award, 2013 - Brussells, Organizer: International Taste & Quality Institute, Belgium
Studenac mineral water: Studenac, Orange-kumquat, Lemon-grapefruit
Podravka tomato products: Passata, Chopped tomato with basil and oregano, Chopped tomato with olive oil and garlic
Sausage products: Piquant sausage
Meat cans: Chicken pate

Brandpuls, 1st place, Ipsos Puls agency research - Croatia, 2013

Superbrands - Slovakia, 2013

Best Buy Award- 2013/2014
Soups (B&H), Jams (B&H and Slovenia)

Best muesli, 2nd place - 2013, Organizator:
Crunchy muesli with berries - Provita


Superior Taste Award, 2012 - Brusells
Organization: International Taste & Quality Institute, Belgium
Essence syrups: Orange-Cinnamon, Black Currant-Lime, Strawberry-Vanilla, Raspberry-Jasmine, Apple-Elderberry
Lero syrup: Orange-cinnamon
Lino baby food: Lino lada nougat

SIAL d'Or, 2012 - Pariz 
Organization: SIAL 
The Global Food Marketplace Lagris
Flickr, SIAL 2012

Trusted Brand 2012
Organization: Reader's Digest, Croatia

Vol'ba spotrebite'ov - Najlepšia novinka 2012 - Prague
Organization: ATOZ Event, Slovakia 
Podravka International, s.r.o.
Podravka pastas

Certifikat Poslodavac (Employer) Partner 2012 
Belupo d.d.

Zlatna kuna (Golden marten), plaque
award for the most successful company in Koprivnica-Križevci county
Belupo d.d.

Best HR practice, 2nd place
Podravka d.d.

Restaurant Croatica - 100 leading Croatian restaurants
Podravska klet and Kraluš beer-hall 

SI.BRAND TOP 50 2012
Podravka d.d.

VIDI Web Top 100 - Croatia, 2012
Organization: VIDI, Croatia

  • "Sports, health and food" category Lino web site among TOP 10.
  • "Sports, health and food" category Coolerica by Coolinarika wins 1st place.
  • "Mobile web and applications" Coolinarika application for Windows 8 among best 10.


Superior Taste Award - Brussels
Awarded by: International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels
Studena spring water found its self among top products and was rated with maximum three star grade.

Croatia Effie 2011 
Awarded by: Effie, Croatia
Grand Prix: Studenac campaign  - Studenac
Gold in Category - Drinks: Studenac campaign

IdejaX 2011
Awarded by: IdejaX
"IXX" Brand destination site -
"X" Best of Add making - Studenac

Trusted Brand - Croatia
Awarded by: Reader's Digest
Trusted Brand for Podravka's Lino baby food

CROPAK 2011CROPAK 2011 - Croatia
Lino Lada: Duo, Milk and Nougat -  "Croatian Product/Series Design"
EVA - "Expanded rack/shelf"

FMCG product for 2011 - Poland
Awarded by: Wiadomości Handlowe


FMCG product 2011 / Produkt Roku
Awarded by: Žycie Handlowe, Poland
Seasonings (dehydrated): Vegeta W smak, Vegeta W smak Natur
Pasta: Farfale

Gazele Biznesu 2011, Poland 
Podravka Polska Sp.z o.o.

Diamenty Forbes 2011, Poland
Podravka Polska Sp.z o.o.

"TOVAR GODA 2010" (Product of the year) - Latvia and Lithuania
Podravka Vegeta


Superior Taste Award, 2010 - Brusells, Awarded by: International Taste & Quality Institute, Belgium
Superior Taste Award 2010 for Podravka's products which have already received numerous awards and recognitions for their quality.
Among top quality brands comes Studenac evaluated with maximum 3-star grade and comes in the category of products having supreme taste and quality. Other rewarded Podravka products: Ajvar mildLino lada, Doughnut mix, Corn bread mix i Bread with seeds mix.

Best Buy Award - Croatia
Awarded by: Best Buy Award
Podravka is the best Croatian company in price/quality ratio, as evaluated by Croatian consumers, awarding it with the title Best Buy Award.  

Consumer choice / Ročník 2010 - Czech Republic
Awarded by: ATOZ Group

Best novelty 2010:
Spices and seasonings: Vegeta Natur
Side-dish: premium rise Lagris

Hit FMCG product 2010 - Poland
Awarded by: Žycie Handlowe
Vegeta Natur - Read more about the reward!


Product Roku 2009 - Poland

According to independent consumer research, Podravka's Chopped Tomato and Pelati have won the award Product of the year in Polish market. 

Superior Taste Award
Awarded by: International Taste & Quality Institute, Brusselles
Podravka Plum jam and Sardines in olive oil received the Superior Taste Award for excellent taste and high product quality.

Hit FMCG - Poland

Awarded by: merchants magazine "Życie handlowe"

In the category of all-purpose seasonings, Vegeta took the first position, and Podravka's brand Warzywko took the second position.


Trusted Brand 2008
Awarded by: Rider's Digest
Podravka's Lino baby food received the award Trusted Brand 2008 in the baby food category. For Podravka, this is a confirmation on fidelity of its consumers, who have been evaluating the brands they trust the most, during May and June in the research conducted by Reader's Digest magazine.

Superior Taste Award
Awarded by: International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussells
Podravka's Beef goulash received the Superior Taste Award for excellent taste and high product quality.

Awarded by: Superbrand B&H
Brands Podravka, Vegeta i Čokolino  received Superbrand awards in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Perls of FMCG market 2008
Awarded by: Trade News Magazine
Podravka chopped tomato received this award the for best point of sales turnover.

Awarded by: Packaging and Print Institute, company Tectus d.o.o., and professional magazine Packaging and CROprint
Studena spring water received the Cropak award for the best packaging in the category of Croatian product/series for the year 2008.

Golden Key
Awarded by: Association of Croatian Exporters
The Golden Key was awarded to Podravka as the best exporter in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the year 2007.

Superior Taste Award
Awarded by: International Taste & Quality Institute from Brussels
The Superior Taste Award was awarded to Podravka Beef Goulash for taste excellence and high product quality.

Best performance at the Brand Fair

Awarded by: Brand Fair, Belgrade
The award for the best general performance at the Brand Fair in Belgrade was presented to the Podravka brand Čokolino.

Gold at the Epica competition

Awarded by: Epica Awards, France
The Annual Report "Ispeci pa reci" was awarded gold at the Epica competition.

Recognition of the Croatian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Awarded by: Croatian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Recognition for valid membership and cooperation with the Croatian-Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce Award

Awarded by: Croatian Chamber of Commerce
Recognition from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Podravka's 60th anniversary.



The Recognition by HGK

Awarded by: Croatian Economic Chamber

The recognition to Podravka d.d. on the occasion of 60 years of existence

The Golden hands of Koprivnica

Awarded by: Town Hall and the Board of Commissioners of Koprivnica.The intention of this award is to provide recognition to all who have through the past worked or still work in Podravka and contributed to the development of Koprivnica.

Red Dot Award - Essen

Awarded by: Red Dot Awards, Essen
The award "Red Dot - Best of the Best" was given to the Podravka Annual Report "An excerpt from eternal debate about the heart"

The award for the Podravka Annual Report - New York

Awarded by: Type Directors Club, New York
The award was given to the Podravka Annual Report "An excerpt from eternal debate about the heart"

London International Awards 2007

Awarded by: International Awards 2007, London
The award was given to the Podravka Annual Report "An excerpt from eternal debate about the heart"

Superbrand Russia

Awarded by: Superbrand Russia
For the second time Vegeta won the award Superbrand in Russia

Podravka the most distinguished company in Croatia

Awarded by: Reputation Institute
Podravka won an award for business reputation

Product Roku 2007

According to the independent poll of consumers, Vegeta was declared to be the best product in its own category in Poland in 2007


Awarded by: Institute for packaging and publishing, a specialized magazine Ambalaža and the firm Tectus
The Cropak Award for packaging of Eva canned fish

The Golden bell

Awarded by: FESTO
Podravka won the Golden bell for a series of print advertisements for Coolinarika and two Silver bells in the category of TV advertisements for the Dolcela croissants campaign.

Superbrand Poland

Awarded by: Superbrand Poland

Brand Podravka won the award Superbrand 2007 in Poland

Superbrand Slovenia

Awarded by: Superbrand Slovenia
Superbrand Slovenia 2007 was given to Podravka's brands Vegeta, Podravka and Čokolino.



Awarded by: Superbrand Croatia, May 2007.
An award to leading Croatian brands - Podravka, Vegeta, Čokolino, Fini-Mini


Reputation institute: The most distinguished company

Awarded by: Reputation Institute, Decembre 2006
The most distinguished company in the Republic of Croatia

Good design award

Awarded by: Chicago Athenaenum, Decembre 2006.
An award to the Podravka Annual Report for 2004

ARC awards

Awarded by: ARC awards, September 2006.
An award to the Podravka Annual Report for 2004.

The Golden Share

Awarded by Dodijelio: HTV Poslovni klub, Lider press, Kapital klub, May 2006.
The best industrial share in 2005 in the Food and medicine category

"Tko vidi-vidi"

Awarded by: Outdoor Akzent, September 2006.
The ketchup advertising campaign „Mild or hot"

Superbrand Slovakia

Awarded by: The leading Slovac brand experts, 2006.
Ranking among the top 35 companies in Slovakia.


The quality Charter

Awarded by: Croatian society for quality, 2005.

Promotion and implementation of quality in the Croatian economy

The Golden Marten (Zlatna kuna)

Awarded by: The Croatian Chamber of Economy in the County of Koprivnica-Križevci the most successful company in the county within the category of large companies.

Vegeta Superbrand Russia

Awarded by: Superbrand Russia, 2005.
Vegeta - leading positions in the market in terms of sales volume and familiarity of the brand in the Russian market.

World Summit Award

Awarded by: World Summit Award Croatia, 2005.
Podravka's culinary website at is the winner in the e-health category.

Acknowledgement for contribution in environment protection

Awarded by: Ministry of environmental protection, Physical Planning and construction, 2005.
An acknowedgement for contribution in environment protection



Vidi Web Top 100

Awarded by: VIDI, 2004.
The Podravka culinary web site to be the best of the best in the category health

Cropak 2004.

Awarded by: The Institute for packaging and publishing, the expert magazine Ambalaža, the firm Tectus, 2004.
Studena 0,5l - the best PET packaging

Achievement Award

Awarded by: The financial magazine Finance Central Europe, 2004.
The best food company in southeast Europe in 2003


Awarded by: Magazine BUG, 2004. among the best 25 web sites in Croatia.



The Acknowledgement of the Croatian Association for improvement of occupational safety

Awarded by: The Croatian Association for improvement of occupational safety, 2003. 
The acknowledgement for long-term membership and exceptional contribution in promoting occupational safety and the health of employees at work and for an active business cooperation.

Vidi Web Top 100

Awarded by: VIDI, 2003
The award for being included in the list of ten best Croatian web sites in the category of corporate sites for year 2003 according to the national competition "Vidi Web Top 100" (the same award in 2001).
The award for the most liquid share and the best PR.

The Acknowledgement HR TOP 50

Awarded by: the magazine BUG, 2003.
An acknowledgement to the Podravka web site which was included in the top 50 by the computer magazine Bug in the Republic Croatia (the same award for the years 1998, 1999 and 2002).

Design Week Award

Awarded by: Design Week Awards London, 2003. The Annual Report 2001
Finalist - The Podravka Annual Report for 2001

New York Festivals, New York, USA

The Podravka Annual Report for 2001 - finalist

Cresta Awards, New York, USA

The Podravka Annual Report for 2001 - finalist

Communication Arts Magazine, Menlo Park, USA

The Podravka Annual Report for 2001, Award of Excellence - included in Design Annual 44

Red Dot Award, Essen, Germany

The Podravka Annual Report for 2001 

Znak "Izvorno hrvatsko"
Dodijelio: Hrvatska gospodarska komora, 2002.
Pekmez od šljiva dobio je od Hrvatske gospodarske komore pravo uporabe znaka "Izvorno hrvatsko". To je, uz Vegetu, drugi naš proizvod koji je dobio tu oznaku.


 OTC NEWS Marketing Award

Awarded by: OTC NEWS Marketing - Kopenhagen
The award to Belupo for the way of presention of off-the-counter medicines. Belupo's exhibition "Don't worry be healthy/Zdravo budi!" was displayed in the Zagreb Museum of Arts and crafts.

The best industrial share and the best media relations

Awarded by: a special jury of journalists.
At the 6th Croatian selection for the Golden Stock Podravka got two awards beside the award for the best industrial stock: acknowledgment for the most liquid stock and the best media relations (according to the decision of the special jurie of journalists.

"Vidi Web Top 100"

Awarded by: VIDI, 2002.
The Podravka web site at the address won in their category for the best web site according to the national poll "Vidi Web Top 100".


Awarded by: the magazine BUG, 2002.
An acknowledgement to the Podravka web site, which was ranked among the 50 best sites by the renowned computer magazine Bug in the Republic of Croatia.

The Acknowledgement for the leading company in corporate management

Awarded by: Euromoney, 2002.
The most influential financial magazine in the world Euromoney declared Podravka to be the leading company in corporative management in Croatia. The management of our company was given this important acknowledgement for the professional managing of the company in compliance with the international standards and according to the results of business transparency, giving information to the public and the owner about the business results and the relationship with the stockholders.

The Mark "Originally Croatian"

Awarded by: Croatian Economic Chamber, 2002.
The plum jam was given by the Croatian Economic Chamber the right to use the mark "Croatian origin". Beside Vegeta, this is our second product to have been given this mark.

FESTO - The Little bell

Awarded by: The festival of marketing communications - Festo, Opatija
The little bell for the Podravka Annual Report for 2001.

Graphic Design - Annual reports, bronze

Awarded: Young Guns 2002, Surry Hills, Australia
The Podravka Annual Report for 2001 - the bronze in the category Graphic Design - Annual Reports.

Communication Arts Magazine, Menlo Park, USA

The Podravka Annual Report for 2000 was included in Design Annual 43.

Red Dot Award, Essen, Germany

The award for the Podravka Annual Report for 2000.

British Design & Art Direction, London, Great Britain

The Podravka Annual Report for 2000 was included in the Annual 2002.

International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno

The Podravka Annual Report for 2000 was included at the Biennale exhibition.


FESTO - The Little Bell
Awarded by: The Festival of market communications - Festo, Opatija Little Bell for Podravka's Annual Report.