Davor Doko

Member of the Management Board

He was appointed Podravka d.d. Management Board member in May 2017.

He started his professional career in 2000 in Assets Management department at Zagrebačka banka as assistant portfolio manager, where he participated in founding the company for managing investment funds at Zagrebačka banka. He joined AZ obligatory pension fund in 2002, as portfolio manager in charge of managing shareholding part of the portfolio. As assistant manager and head portfolio manager at AZ obligatory pension fund, among other tasks he actively participated in portfolio management process, managing the investment process. Since 2006 he was Management Board member at Allianz ZB d.o.o., company for managing obligatory pension fund, in charge of investments. During his term he invested in numerous companies from pharmaceutical and food sector and developed good business practices with all the major business banks in the Republic of Croatia and international financial institutions. In AZ voluntary pension funds as person in charge of investment, he participated and managed all parts of the investment process.

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business at Zagreb University. Over his career he took part in numerous trainings and educations and participated on conferences related to investments and capital market.