Marin Pucar

President of the Management Board

He was appointed Podravka d.d. Management Board president in February 2017.

He started his professional career at Gavrilović d.o.o. food processing industry, transferring to Danica d.o.o. – Podravka's meat processing company in 2001, where in 2002 he became its sales, marketing and development manager. In 2003 he was appointed executive manager for Croatian market at Podravka d.d. He was a member of Podravka d.d. Management Board since 2008 to 2012, after which he transferred to Zvečevo d.d. to the position of Management Board member. He was Zvečevo d.d. Management Board president since 2014 to August 2016. 

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and received his MA in Marketing theory and politics. He is currently completing his doctoral thesis in Management to the subject "Brand expansion management strategy in Croatian food processing industry ".  

Since 2008 till 2012 we was Supervisory Board member of Danica d.o.o. and Belupo d.d. In 2012 he became Management Board member of Croatian Chamber of commerce, and Management Board deputy president of Croatian Chamber of commerce in 2016, the role he carries to this day.