Great Britain

Great Britain, and especially England, offer the best Indian curry, Japanese sushi, Turkish kebabs and plenty of original Italian and French specialties. The choice of foods from all over the world is huge, and a broad portfolio of Podravka's products has won a number of British consumers.

Great Britain

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For a number of years Podravka's products have been present in Great Britain. The shelves of London stores hold Vegeta which has won the consumers of this multiethnic capital of Great Britain.

Apart from Vegeta, other renowned Podravka's products are: soups, Ajvar, Čokolino, canned meat, pates...

Scottish cuisine has its national meals, the most renowned are: haggis (sausage from sheep innards), black pudding (blood sausage), shortbread (hard cookies), bannock (thin round oat flour bread) and naturally, Scotch whiskey.

Irish cuisine has colcannon (mashed potatoes, cabbage and butter with seasonings), champ (mashed potatoes with eggs and spring onions) and Irish stew (stew of lamb with potatoes, onion and parsley).

Among Welsh meals the most renowned are Welsh rarebit (browned toast with cheese melted in beer), faggots (pork dumplings) and crempogs (pancakes with buttermilk)

Fast facts

  • Capital: London
  • Other major cities: Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield
  • Climate: windy, wet, with lots of rain
  • Population: English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Indians, Pakistanis
  • Religion: Christians (71, 6%), Muslims, Hindu, others
  • Currency: pound (£)
  • Recognizable symbols: double decker ( a red bus that has two storeys or decks), black cab (taxi), red callbox, royal family, Foot Guards, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, Wimbledon