Kosovo is an intriguing place full of surprises and contrasts that have always attracted the neighbours, therefore, it is not surprising where its impressive culinary traces derive from. Podravka has positioned itself in Kosovo as the market leader in soups, food seasonings, children's food and meat products.


Subsidiary of Podravka d.d., Priština

Sylejman Vokshi 3/3

tel: +381 38 24 81 55
fax: +381 38 24 66 44


Ilir Kosova, Director

Through the sale of a large portfolio of products Podravka has been present on the Kosovo market for many years, and the representative office was registered January 1, 2005.

Today, the most popular Podravka products on the Kosovo market are: Vegeta, Vegeta Twist, bag soups, bouillon cubes, Fant, baby food, meat products...

Eva, treasury of healthy and tasty fish products offers a rich assortiment of canned fish: Sardines in olive oil, Sardines in vegetable oil, Sardines in vegetable oil with lemon, Sardines piquant, Sardines with vegetables in sauce and Sardines in tomato sauce; Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, Tuna small pieces in vegetable oil - Adria i Siam International and Tuna with vegetables in sauce.

We continuously aim to spread our product portfolio in Kosovo, because Podravka has positioned itself as a leader on the market of soups, food seasonings, children's  food and meat products.

Travel tips

  • Priština is the capital, cultural and political centre of Kosovo. With a rich culinary offer, modern cafés and restaurants, numerous religious attractions, Turkish spas, historical museums, there are also many other attractions worth seeing.
  • Peć – the second largest and by many the most beautiful city in Kosovo lies at the foot of the Prokletija mountain range and represents a mixture of eastern and western architectural tradition of which the most distinctive are numerous churches and mosques.
  • Prizren is distinguished by its Islamic architecture. The old marketplace is an attraction with a 15th century mosque in its centre.
  • Bjeshkët e Nemuna – the highest skiing resort in Kosovo on the border of Kosovo and Montenegro, a part of the Prokletija mountain range.
  • Monasteries – according to some data, the region of Kosovo has 27 monasteries, of which 11 are active. The most fascinating monasteries are those in Dečani, Gračanica, Peć and Ljeviš.
  • Brezovica is another skiing resort on the slopes of Šar planina and the border with Serbia and Macedonia.