Advancing the application of norms of socially responsible business and compliance of the economy with society's developmental goals and preserving the environment for the future generations.


Owing to long-year trust of our consumers, we have become a food brand no. 1 and have positioned ourselves as a significant participant in the pharmaceutical products market, not only in Croatia, but in numerous other countries of SouthEast Europe.

Sustainable development

To Podravka, sustainable development represents a balance of economic priorities, strengthening society, and environmental protection.


In our business activities, we are committed to the preservation, protection and improvement of the quality of the environment in which we create new economic, environmental and social values for our stakeholders.


Aiming to improve the quality of living in the society and the environment in which it operates, ever since it was founded, Podravka invests in science and education, sustainable development, culture, art, sport and gladly promotes corporate social responsibility.


Through systemic advancement of doing business and product quality, under the recognizable brands, we are focused on creating added value for our stakeholders, and using internal forces we wish to achieve the synergy of business areas of food and pharmaceutical industry.