Always with a heart

Every product we create is from the heart. Throughout any product’s journey from our kitchen to your plate, we stay true to our values. First is creativity – every idea born in our kitchen should touch the heart of those who taste it. Second is trust, because we believe that a good meal placed on any table should be trusted like a family member. Finally, passion, which ensures that a regular meal can be transformed into a feast for the senses. What’s more, we don’t have consumers. Only guests at our table, with excellence added to everything we do.

Podravka, one of the leading companies in SouthEast, Central and Eastern Europe, has emerged in 1947 on the foundations of former jams factory and fruit processing workshop, owned by thr Wolf brothers. Headquartered in Koprivnica, we operate today in two main business segments: food and pharmaceuticals, and numerous consumers have recognized the value of our products and have given us their trust, in more than forty countries around the world.

We find the trust of our consumers our biggest success.  We have built it for decades and thanks to it we have become a leading food brand in the region. Together with our consumers, we respect the tradition and its values, and combines with latest creative methods and technological achievements we set standards and create latest market trends.

We do not have consumers – we have guests at our table.

Our basic values are creativity – ideas that move the heart, because the heart moves everything else, trust – as a stock of every good meal, passion – what turns a meal into a feast, consumer satisfaction – we do not have consumers, we have guests at our table, and in everything we do we add excellence

We don't have consumers. We have guests at our table...

We are guided by a vision of improving everyday quality of life for our consumers, customers and employees by being innovative and international. 

We operate under the principles of sustainable development, trying to use our resources optimally, with as little waste as possible. We pay particular attention to preserving the environment, and developing our community and society, carefully listening to their needs.

Podravka is also distinguished by being included in various life processes of its employees, the entire community and so we especially cherish respect, trust, honest dialogue, transparency and fellowship.