Podravka Ajvar Hot

Podravka Ajvar Hot

Natural power of taste

Top quality aubergines, peppers and pepperoni joined together in this chutney of exceptionally creamy texture and intense taste. 

Without preservatives, seasoned with finely selected combination of garlic, salt, sugar, vinegar and quality vegetable oil. Go ahead, wake up your senses with the power of natural tastes! 


Treasury of vegetables without preservatives • Homogeneous appearance, harmonious aroma and hot flavor • Can be used as a side dish with roast meat, sausage or barbecue, with cold dishes, sandwiches, and as an addition in preparation of stews and sauces

Značajke proizvoda

Bez lepku


You can use it in its original form, as a side dish with grilled sandwiches, frankfurters, sausages, or as addition to sauces, stews, soups and the like.

  • Storage: Keep protected from exposure of light
  • Shelf life: 36 months
  • Packaging: 350 g


Ingredients: Peppers (83%), eggplant (7%), vegetable oil, sugar, vinegar, hot peppers, table salt, garlic

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