Podravka Cornichons

Podravka Cornichons

A little bite with a big tangy kick

It’s hard to resist the tangy taste and delightful crunch of a good cornichon. Ours are produced from carefully selected Cornichons and prepared to a special recipe for maximum taste and bite.

They can be used as a quick salad to accompany a fine stew, and are an essential part of any sandwich. They’re also excellent as a side dish to vegetable and meat dishes, roast meats, stews, and grilled dishes, or simply enjoyed as a crunchy snack.


Produced from carefully selected cornichons and prepared to a special recipe • Pleasant aroma and taste with a satisfying crunch • Wide variety of uses

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Usage: Pickled Cornichons can be used as a salad to accompany vegetable and meat dishes, and in the preparation of various side dishes and mixed salads. They can also be enjoyed in a variety of sandwiches, or as a snack on their own.

  • Storage: Refrigerate after opening.
  • Shelf life: Best before date on the lid.
  • Packaging: jar 370 ml; jar 720 ml; jar 1700 ml; jar 2650 ml; jar 4250 ml;


Ingredients: cucumbers, water, vinegar, table salt, sugar, dill, mustard seed and aroma; contains mustard

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